Monday, September 30, 2013

Delirious Burger Company

Delirious Burger Company is a relatively new addition to Westdale.  First thing - bring cash.  They don't accept debit.  In this day and age, this seems rather dated, but there it is.  (Edit: They now take both cash and debit - but no credit!). Their menu is small, with basic burgers and a veggie burger and the only side offered, at least when we were there, were fries.
 However, these fries are outstanding.  Best fries available in the hammer.  They were crispy on the outside, mushy in a delicious way on the inside and dusted in sea salt.  They also provide you with malt vinegar, if you ask, which makes them even more amazing.  Cannot say enough about these fries. Also, if anyone can find a way to fit the word 'fries' into this paragraph a few more times, please let me know.
 Mr. HitH chose the double burger, with cheese, bacon and caramelized onions.  He likes his toppings to be on the meatatarian side (i.e. he skips lettuce and tomato) and he likes his burgers extra saucy.
 He was pleased with his burger.  While he isn't sure that it meets the ultimate standard (i.e. the Sneaky Cheese at Memphis Fire BBQ Co.), he found it to be well made.  The meat was moist, with a great crust. The toppings were added as requested and he very much enjoyed  the caramelized onions.  Overall, a well made burger.
 The veggie burger is made from a breaded portobello mushroom stuffed with cheese.  I loved it.  Anything fried is delicious, of course.  I asked what toppings they recommended and went with lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.
As you can see, it is full of cheese.  It's quite a mouthful and very filling.  The contrast of the creamy cheesey centre contrasts nicely with both the body of the portobello and the crunch of the crust. Without the mayo, I think it would have been too dry (and how something loaded with that much cheese could be dry, I do not know, but that is my belief and I won't stop BEEEEELIIIIIIEEEEVING).  This is also a solid burger for vegetarians who do not want to eat 'fake' meat (not a problem for Ms. HitH - she loves fake meat) and a delicious change for anyone wanting to add some veggies to their diet in an utterly non-healthy way.  I think I will say that this is currently the best veggie burger in Hamilton.

Delirious Burger Company is a solid addition to the Hamilton burger scene.  Their fries are excellent, their veggie burger a fantastic change and their burgers among the best within the city limits.

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