Monday, September 09, 2013

The Cannon (or Cannon Coffee Co.)

My friends and I have an ongoing battle as to the real name of this establishment.  I call it Cannon Coffee Co.  They call it The Cannon.  We all call it awesome. (Addendum:  After confirming with the aforementioned coffee shop's twitter account, we now know both names are correct.  However, since this is my blog, I feel mine is more correct).
This is a neighbourhood coffee shop with a focus on fresh, local food.  The coffee is from Detour in Dundas. I believe that much of the produce they use is bought from the Ottawa St. Farmers Market (which happens to be our favourite market in Hamilton).
Cannon Coffee Co. features pour-over brewed coffee, where the coffee is brewed in a ceramic drip-through over your mug.  We find the coffee exceptional, but it is a long process.  They just introduced a French press coffee option, greatly increasing the speed.  In the sake of integrity, we ordered one of each.  The pour-over is on the left, the French press on the right.  We found that that the French press coffee had a more robust flavour and was preferred by Ms. HitH, while the pour over was smoother and preferred by Mr. HitH. Truly, you couldn't go wrong with either option. 
They offer many options for brunch, but most feature waffles, with the Power Bowl as the exception.   Ms. HitH ordered The 'Merican. This is a pesto waffle topped with avocado, grilled vegetables and goat cheese, with a balsamic drizzle.
 It was fantastic.  The creaminess of the avocado and goat cheese contrasted very well with the crunchiness of the waffle.  The veggies were still crisp and who doesn't love balsamic drizzle?

Mr. HitH ordered The Canadian.  This is a apple waffle topped with bacon, two poached eggs and cheddar cheese, served with maple syrup (which comes in an adorable little pot for pouring).
I would love to give you details on this meal.  Unfortunately, Mr. HitH was too busy eating to share this thoughts, beyond moans of pleasure.  The chunks of apple embedded in the waffle were awesome. The bacon was thick and, well, what else needs to be said about bacon?  If I was eating this, I would have preferred my eggs a little less poached - the yolks were wobbly, but solid - but he was pleased with it.  He very much enjoyed himself. 
Mr. HitH couldn't resist, and ordered some baked goods.  I protested - who needed more food? - but my whining was ineffectual.  He ordered a plum crumble muffin and a chocolate almond cranberry cookie.  
Even though I argued that we didn't need them, I have no problem helping eating them.  I usually find plum baked goods to be quite sour.  This, however, was not overly tart and the crumble topping was perfect.  The cookie was so rich with chocolate - the depth of it was fantastic.  Two very big winners and, as you can see, they were destroyed and quite quickly.  We also go two apple cider sodas to go.  They should be renamed the Apple Pie sodas, because it was exactly like drinking apple pie from a straw.  We both loved it.  Next time, we're trying the limeade.  They were out today, so no luck.
In summary, go to The Cannon.  Go often.  What I didn't mention is that everyone working there is fun and fantastic.  Every time we go, we feel welcomed.  If there aren't enough seats, you shack up at the big table in front with strangers and make new friends. The atmosphere is really much more like going to a (very cool) friend's house for brunch than going to a restaurant or even a café.  We love going there. You will too.
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