Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pop-Up Doughnut Shop at Cake & Loaf!

This post is a painful one for us to write.  First, let us say that Cake & Loaf is our favourite bakery in Hamilton.  It is our go-to for birthday cakes, for cookies, for pastries, for bread.  We cannot recommend them enough.
Today, we were really excited as Cake & Loaf had their very first pop-up doughnut shop.  They opened at 9, with the caveat that it was first come first serve.  We stayed up late last night to see Catching Fire (Highly recommended.  Go see.) so we didn't wake up early and only headed down the hill at about quarter to 10.  The line was long, but the level of fun was high.
We made it inside after about 30 minutes.  The supplies were running low, but we managed to get 2 Apple Fritters with Caramel, 1 Sour Cream Glaze, 1 Chocolate Walnut Crunch, & 1 Canadian Maple.  We brought them home, and one of our dogs gazed at them longingly. Sucks to be her.  She got nothing.
We began with one of the Apple Fritters with Caramel.  It was a fabulous way to start.  The doughnut was studded with apple chunks, the caramel glaze was delicious.  It was decadent, fresh - everything we have come to expect from Cake & Loaf.  So impressed!
We moved onto the Sour Cream Glaze doughnut after that.  It was moist, but Ms. HitH felt that the taste of the oil it was fried in was strong, while Mr. HitH wanted some more sweetness in the doughnut.  Having said that, we both enjoyed it.

We moved onto the Walnut Crunch.  This is Ms. HitH doughnut of choice, so the excitement was palpable - but sadly, this guy did not live up to the hype.  There were very few nuts (see picture). The doughnut had a burnt taste to it and the texture was overly heavy.  The chocolate flavour was fine, but even splitting this doughnut in half between two of us, we didn't finish it. It was disappointing.
Last, we moved onto the Canadian Maple.  Again we were excited!  Maple - good! Filled doughnuts - good! All good - but not so much.  The icing was maple-ly and quite good.  The dough texture was fine - but the filling was tasteless, making the doughnut very disappointing.  Again, even splitting it, even didn't finish it.
In summary, you should visit Cake & Loaf for their amazing selection - but the quality of the doughnuts was not up to the usual Cake & Loaf standards of incredible awesomeness.  Having said that, remember that this was their first try and they certainly were slammed.  If the rest of the doughnuts can come up to the quality of the Apple Fritter with Caramel, then Cake and Loaf will become the best doughnut shop in the city, along with being the best bakery!


Chanry Thach said...

the apple fritter was def a fav of mine. the lemon coconut was second. unfortunately i didn't get to try anything else!

Hungry in the Hammer said...

Lemon coconut wasn't an option when we were there. Mr. HitH is going to be very jealous that you got it and he didn't - it was on his short list! I'm glad to hear it was a winner too.

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