Thursday, November 07, 2013

Thanksgiving Dinner!

We at Hungry in the Hammer are ashamed of our absence from the blog.  Sadly, the stresses of careers, schooling and life have put a damper on our postings.

However, we are pleased to present our Thanksgiving Dinner.  This features a special appearance by the mother of Ms. Hungry in the Hammer.  She is the Canadian Martha Stewart.  She is known for her elaborate, delicious holiday dinners, where she spends days preparing meals.  For this reason, we felt she deserved a guest spot on our blog.
 We arrived to this lovely table.  My parents' house has housed 4 generations of my father's family. Mom sets a beautiful table, with the Blue Willow china that she inhertied from her mother.  Fun fact - Ms. HitH taught in China and visited Yu Yuen Gardens in Shanghai, which is where the pattern on Blue Willow was drawn from.
Our before dinner aperitif was a pumpkin smoothie.  A unique choice, but its tangy smoothness was a terrific way to start the meal.
 We then moved onto the soup course.  Mom created potato soup with homemade stilton cheese crackers.  The soup was deliciously creamy and served with bacon (except for Ms. HitH, whose vegetarianism precludes eating delicious, delicious pork).  The stilton crackers were an earthy addition, rounding out the creaminess of the soup.  Everyone loved them, except for Ms. HitH, who found them to be more barn-y than earth-y.  Also, please note our dedication to honest reviews.  My mother may never forgive me.
 Next to the table was the salad course, featuring fresh salad greens dressed with Maple Balsamic vinaigrette & served in Parmesan bowls.  Typical of Mom's excessiveness, she hand crafted mini-Parmesan bowls so the salad could simply be picked up and eaten.  It was an exceptional salad.
 Mom also baked fresh pumpkin biscuits.  Although it is not evident from the picture, they were cut out into autumnal shapes. Again, delicious, especially with butter.  With that said, what isn't better with butter?
For the main course, we were offered:
 Roasted Turkey served with bread stuffing
Butter mashed potatoes
Butternut Squash
Peas Elegante (aka peas sauteed with onions and mushrooms).
This was an exceptional meal.  Mom makes the best stuffing on earth.  This is not hyperbole.  This is simply fact.  Her turkey is remarkably moist.  The mashed potatoes this year were made with garlic and were a savory, delicious delight.  Both the potatoes and the squash were grown my Ms. HitH's dad in his garden.  He is a remarkable gardener, with his produce feeding his family, friends and being donated to charity.
 The above plate is simply presented to show you how much Mr. HitH eats.  He is a machine of eating awesomeness.

 And Ms. HitH's plate, complete with her Tofurkey.  Tofurkey is not delicious.  Do not buy it.  Please.  However, I appreciate that my mother loves me enough to buy me Tofurkey.
 And onto dessert.  Mom offered us two choices.  The first was apple pie, with homemade vanilla ice cream.  The pie was stuffed full of apples (from the apple tree at my parents' house) and the crust was, as always, up to Mom's exacting standards.
Finally, we were given Pumpkin Bread Pudding Served with (again) Pumpkin pecan ice cream and drenched in caramel sauce.  This decadent dessert was a perfect ending to a Thanksgiving delight.

Overall, we highly recommend dinner at Ms. HitH's parents' house.  All food was made from scratch and the care and love it was offered with was obvious in every bite.  Ms. HitH's mother is a remarkably talented hostess and cook, and we hope to be invited to her home for many, many more years (so we're going to keep living in our little tiny house so we can't have people over for dinner!).


Chanry Thach said...

Does Ms. HitH's mother take reservations?

Hungry in the Hammer said...

I'll speak to her about starting a pop up!

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