Monday, March 10, 2014

The Burnt Tongue

The Burnt Tongue is remarkable. Absolutely remarkable.
Today's Drink Selections:  Canada Dry, Grape Crush & Rummy Grapefruit
Let me preface this post by saying that Ms. HitH is not a soup fan. She believes that food should be solid and chewed, not drunk. Mr.HitH has no such convictions, however, and adores soup.  For that reason, we had our first visit to The Burnt Tongue many months ago (when we were too consumed with work and school and other things to write). Since then, we have visited many times and each time, we are awed by the quality of the food. The fact that The Burnt Tongue won her over should tell you an awful lot!
Spiced Carrot and Lentil with yogurt and cumin seeds
The staff at The Burnt Tongue are fantastic.  They are always ready to describe the soups for you (they change daily), make suggestions, and are just generally wonderful to visit.  The restaurant is small, with only a few tables and can often be packed.  We usually take our food to go. The restaurant itself is a great space, but is very dim (as you can probably judge from the pics).

 Zucchini & Jalapeno with sour cream and cilantro
We visited again today, taking one of our siblings so they too could know the joy of The Burnt Tongue. We ordered 3 bowls of soup - Zucchini & Jalapeno with sour cream and cilantro, Spiced Carrot and Lentil with yogurt and cumin seeds and Greek Chickpea & Lemon with green onions & feta.  We all ordered buns as our side with our soup. We also all ordered grilled cheese to go with our soup (made with Cake & Loaf bread!)  and an order of frites with chipotle mayo. The Burnt Tongue has a great selection of novelty pop, often changing.  It's always worth asking what they recommend.  Today, we bought Grape Crush, Ginger Ale and Rummy Grapefruit.
Greek Chickpea & Lemon with green onions & feta
All of the soups were superb. The integrity of the flavours shine through and the combinations are well thought out. We have yet to have a bad bowl of soup, and we've tried many.  The combinations are modern, interesting and full of flavour without becoming cloying. I don't think it is going too far to say that the chef's palate is remarkable.
Grilled Cheese (with one quarter already eaten).
The grilled cheese was perfectly crisp and oozing with cheese. It was, as we were told when ordering, perfectly suited to soup dipping and the Cake & Loaf bread was perfect.  If we have one (tiny) complaint, it's that the cheese is particularly non-descript, which of course makes sense if you want it to mix seamlessly with all the soups.
The Frites with chipotle mayo
The fries at The Brunt Tongue are great.  They are perfectly crisp, never greasy, just the right amount of salt.  Even when they're cold, they don't get soggy.  Ms. HitH isn't a fan of the regular (Belgian-type) mayo, but the chipotle mayo was great.  Not too spicy and a perfect addition to the fries.

In summary, The Burnt Tongue is our new go-to in the Hammer.  With amazingly consistent and remarkable food, it's always a better than safe bet.  Check their facebook or twitter for daily menus.  Go now.  Go often.  We will accept thank you gifts for our recommendation.

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