Sunday, April 26, 2015

Gramma Willies for Brunch

So Johnny and I got a new car in January, after our Ford Escape literally had it's engine blow at 150 000 km (which, according to the internet is a known issue - Escape owners beware).  We bought a Hyundai Santa Fe, and so far we are big fans. However, evidently, we are cursed in terms of tires. In four months, two flats, one because of a screw and one because of a blade. So, last Sunday, we took a tire in for repair and had to wait to pick it up, so we decided to go off to brunch.
This is not our actual car. Ours is cooler. Because it is ours.
We weren't going to come down from the Mountain so we googled and Grandma Willies popped up. Interesting, the Facebook reviews were outstanding, while the Urbanspoon reviews not so much - so we decided we'd try and see what we thought (that is our commitment to you).

When we walked in, we got a table right away but our server told us that the food would be a while since they were in the middle of Sunday brunch rush.  We were in no hurry, so we were happy to hang around and appreciated the heads up at the beginning so we could have gone elsewhere if needed.  The decor is eclectic.  I think they're going for cottage chic, but really the restaurant is verging on run down. The chair I sat in had stuffing coming out of it. However, I can forgive much when a diner features a framed and autographed poster of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Coffee came promptly, in one boring mug and one rather wonderful mug. I am calling this mug the "Partridge in a Pear Tree" mug.  It did not come with 2 French hens.  It did, however, come filled with rather excellent brewed coffee.We were impressed. The coffee was not the usual diner weakness, but strong and flavourful. Our mugs were kept filled throughout, despite the rush.

We went rather simple for breakfast. I had what they call the breakfast burger. There was no burger involved, but an egg covered in cheese, lettuce, tomato, and pickles on a hamburger bun. It was yummy. We're not talking fine dining here, but I really enjoyed this simple (unhealthy) breakfast choice.

The homefries were obviously homemade and handcut. Their irregularity led to part of their appeal. They were nice and salty, and fried (or griddled?) to perfection. The hot sauce provided made them perfect. The random carrot sticks allowed me to pretend I wasn't eating a completely unhealthy meal.

Jon ate the egg sandwich. It featured an egg with cheese on an English muffin. The accouterments were the same as with my breakfast burger, and met with equal satisfaction.

The cost of the meal was amazing. We walked out with a bill for about $18 for 2 breakfasts. We thought the food was good before then. After that, we thought it was exceptional. This ain't fine dining, but if you're looking for a greasy spoon breakfast, it's worth a shot. We'll try it again!

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