Monday, May 25, 2015

Meat Ventures!

We hit up the Meat Ventures food truck today. While definitely a carnivore geared truck, they tweeted out that they had veggie sliders today. How could I pass those up? Mr. HitH was thrilled, since Meat Ventures was his favourite truck at Sew Hungry. So, after I got home from school, we took the Jolley down to Queen and Main.
Pic taken at the close of Sew Hungry
Mr. HitH chose to have a bacon fatty (bottom left in the pic below), described on their website as, "Italian sausage meatloaf wrapped in a bacon weave and then smoked over hickory wood, then sliced and grilled and served on grilled garlic toast with Swiss cheese, arugula, crispy onions, and Sriracha mayo". In his opinion, this is one the best food truck foods you can put in your mouth. It is rich, with enough sauce to both coat your mouth and spice it up. The arugula gives it a touch of pepper. It is not too dry or wet, and the garlic toast holds up really well to an intense sandwich. The meat he describes as perfectly meaty, with no funky crap in it.

Next, we had the Gochu-Parm Fries, described as, "Twice fried fries, tossed in a gochujang butter sauce and covered in freshly grated parmesan and green onions". Indeed, they were perfectly crispy and loaded with delicious parmesan and green onion. Our only complaint was we would have liked more of the gochujang butter. The fries at the bottom of the dish were soaked in it, and amazing, but there was only a touch of it on the top fries, and we missed it.

The veggie sliders were winners. Described on Twitter as, "Sliders with hoisin BBQ crispy tofu, mango slaw, sprouts, and garlic lime cream sauce". The textures were amazing. The crunch of the mango slaw contrasted perfectly with the tofu and the bun. The bbq sauce was a fantastic compliment, and the cream sauce gave it the perfect amount of fat. You would never know that this is a vegetarian creation by a meat truck. They may know their meat, but they know their tofu too. I will be back again.

Add to this the fact that they donate $1.00 from every pop sold to 541, an amazing community based eatery, and my heart has been won over. Now, if I could only eat their bacon...

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Doors Open Hamilton 2015

While I may add more later, for tonight, here is a pictorial post.  Many of the Doors Open sites are open tomorrow - go and visit!

Pre-Doors Open Fueling at Cafe Oranje and Denningers 

Cafe Oranje drinks and Denningers Breakfast

Weir's Lane Lavender and Apiary

Alpacas from Eighth and Mud

Ridge Road Estate Winery

After Our Adventures Were Done