Saturday, January 02, 2016

Our favouite restaurants, stores and food of 2015

It's the beginning of the new year, and we wanted to this opportunity to reminiscence about our favourite restaurants, stores and food of 2015.

Candi Werx

Candi Werx is the most amazing store.  Every time we go in, there is something new and delicious for us to try. However, even better than the amazing selection of sweets is the owner, Jules.  Her kindness and enthusiasm make every visit a joy.

Ark & Anchor Espresso Bar

Ark & Anchor Espresso Bar is the most remarkable coffee shop.  Only opening in October, it's become part of our daily routine.  The coffee is absolutely top notch, the space is gorgeous and the owners are simply two of the nicest people you will ever met. Look out for a Science Fiction Book Club that Mr. HitH is helping to coordinate.

Meat Ventures

Meat Ventures and their meat wagon is, in our opinion, the absolute best of the best of food trucks. Salar's skills are remarkable, and together with Jeannie, their kindness and friendliness is only surpassed by their amazing food. As a vegetarian, I am so happy that they are always willing to find something vegetarian for me so I can enjoy their remarkable food. Their newest venture, the Pokeh bar in Hamilton Farmer's Market, is another standout in the Hamilton Food Scene.

Henry Brown's Small Batch Ice Cream

Speaking of the Farmer's Market, Henry Brown's Small Batch Ice Cream has become another go-to for us. The flavours of the ice creams are ingenious, and again, Ed and Karen are both amazingly nice and passionate about their food. We can't say enough about them or their ice cream. If you haven't had their ice cream, you need to.

Vintage Coffee

Our next favourite coffee shop is Vintage Coffee. They roast their own beans, and the coffee is flavourful and delicious. Their cold drink concoctions are always outstanding as well.

Chef Kyle Ferreira and Bartender Nick Incretolli

Chef Kyle Ferreira and bartender Nick Incretolli were responsible for some of our most delicious meals and libations this year. Together, they were a powerhouse that no one could touch.

Serve Ping Pong

Serve Ping Pong was nice enough to invite us to two tastings, both their regular menu and their brunch.  The food is solid - so much better than you would ever imagine from a Ping Pong bar!  Mr. HitH enjoyed the ping pong so much he joined their Tuesday night league.

Willy Dog's GTO

Willy Dog's GTO invited us to stop by for dinner. I grew up in Aldershot, so Easterbrook's hot dogs were a staple of my childhood. I would argue that Willy Dog's GTO is up to the standards of that timeless hot dog joint.  We were impressed with the fact that everything was made to order, and the onion petals knocked my socks off, especially with the housemade dip. Also, bonus points for finding the Lab in the last picture.

Lake Road Restaurant

Lake Road Restaurant invited us to their opening gala, and it was a gala indeed.  The dessert table, in a room festooned with balloons was the highlight for me, but for the meataraians, the 6' plank of delicious meatiness provided not only the spectacle of the night, but so much delciciousness - and it's available to order.

Auntie Boom's Retro Cafe

Auntie Boom's has become our favourite greasy spoon type breakfast, but instead of heartburn, you get deliciosuness. The food is always fresh, the service always friendly. This is a gem on Ottawa Street.

Delirious Burger

We've blogged about Delirious Burger before, because they simply has the best burgers in the city. Flat top, crispy, delicious. Their fries are outstanding too.  I have to give a shout out to The Burger's Priest and their vegetarian burger, The Option. It is my favourite in the city.

Cannon Coffee Co

Cannon Coffee Co is one of our favourite places for a fresh, delicious breakfast, and has been for a long time. The waffle sandwiches are made from scratch, the staff and owners are delightful and the food is so local, it often comes from the Ottawa St. Farmers Market one block away.

The Burnt Tongue

The Burnt Tongue is a restaurant where we have literally never had an off note. The soups are so well developed, with the perfect blend of flavours. Grilled cheeses are huge, delicious sandwiches perfect for dipping. They can do no wrong.

The Mule

The Mule is the perfect place for a snack. The thought that has gone into the variety of the tacos is obvious, the house cerveza at $5.25/pint for a very good glass of beer is one of the city's great values. However, the real reason to go is the queso fundido. It is lick the bowl good. Really, we need to start ordering two, so we don't have to share with each other.

Donut Monster

Donut Monster ran a twitter contest for a 6 pack before they opened and I really wanted to win and I didn't. Despite this, I still like them.  The flavours are always put together so very well. Despite the fact that I have been a vegetarian for 21 years (eek), I usually scorn vegan baking, as I find it usually tastes - well - vegan.  Their vegan doughnuts are as scrummy (this word courteous of Mary Berry) as any I have ever had in my mouth.  Helpful hint: The aforementioned Willy Dog's GTO makes a bread pudding type concoction from their leftover Donut Monster donuts.

Chicago Style Pizza Shack

Chicago Style Pizza Shack has been a staple for years.  It is far too close to my house for my health. The Eggplant parmigiana is my favourite pasta in the city, and their stuffed crust pizza is unlike any other pizza in the city, but I was kinda over it while Mr. HitH still adored it. This year, though, Justin  taught us to ask for it topped with garlic butter instead of more tomato sauce. My love for this pizza has been reignited.

 Earth to Table Bread Bar

Earth to Table Bread Bar has the best pizza in Hamilton, in our opinion.  Their margherita is everything I want. Crisp, chewy, charred crust, simple, fresh ingredients. It's so good, my family ordered it for Christmas eve dinner.

Watch tomorrow for our favourite experiences of 2015!

Happy New Year, everyone!


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