Sunday, January 03, 2016

Our favourite experiences of 2015

For non-food related, Hamilton type things, we also have a few experiences that were pretty remarkable.

100 in 1 Day

We participated in 100 in 1 Day.  We hid children's books all over Central Park, along with notes inviting the finder to enjoy in the park, or take home. We left for the day, but when we returned at about 4 p.m., all the books were gone, so we hope that all the books found good homes, but we hope so!

PanAm Soccer

Mr. HitH bought tickets to all of the PanAm Soccer finals. I mostly remember the heat stroke (I really like the new stadium, but in the sun, it is BRUTAL), but he remembers the remarkable soccer, particularly from the women sides. To have such world quality sport available in our city, and to have the chance to enjoy it was a high point of our year.

The Collective Arts and Nicklebrook Brewery Open House

The Collective Arts and Nicklebrook Brewery open house was an amazing chance to taste all the beers on offer and to see the pride that Hamilton has in our hometown talent. We're so excited that when the beer section at Fortinos on Mall Road opened, it featured Collective Arts brewing beer. Hammer proud, people. Hammer proud.

Oktoberfest at the Germania Club


Oktoberfest at the Germania Club was a ridiculous amount of fun.  The ompah band playing "Hands Up, Baby, Hands Up" was everything I could ask for from life, and the schnitzel on a bun made Mr. HitH a very happy man. He grew up taking German classes at the club, so it was kind of a homecoming for him.

Chris Hadfield

We were so lucky to see Chris Hadfield at Hamilton Place as part of Our Future Hamilton. His talk was inspiring, hilarious and we had a ball.  We were also so excited to participate in the Communities in Conversation event the next day, to try and help shape the city that Hamilton will be in 2020. However, the lack of leadership from City Hall (with the exception of Matthew Green) has led us to be rather cynical about where our city will be.

Doors Open

Doors Open is always a remarkable opportunity to explore our city, and we even wrote a post about it.

Star Wars Lightsaber Battle


Star Wars Lightsaber Battle took place at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto. Despite it being a rainy night, the battles between the Dark Side and The Force were epic. Mr. HitH had the time of his life, and even got to march through the crowd to the Imperial March, dressed as Darth Vader.

Toronto Zoo and Ripley's Aquarium

I visit the Toronto Zoo and Ripley's Aquarium on the regular as part of my job. I remain in awe of the remarkable animals. I cannot wait to see all the babies (panda, polar bear and lion) at the zoo this spring!

Royal Botanical Gardens

I had the opportunity to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens twice this year. It's been years since I have visited, and I am kicking myself for that. The beauty of the gardens - both indoor and out - is amazing and I can think of few ways better to spend a blustery day than sitting inside the greenhouse by the koi pond.

Foodie Fights

Foodie Fights brought together a number of food bloggers from Hamilton as we competed to see whose choice in wings would reign supreme. Shout out to Hamilton Gastronomy for coming up with the idea!  Blondie and the Fork ended up winning, but the fun we had made us all winners (awwwwwwwww).  Cheers to Eating Your Content and The Hungry Gnome for bringing us all together. It's much more fun to eat with friends, and these were the friends who came to play:

Here's to a 2016 full of great food, great friends and great adventures!


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