Monday, May 23, 2016

Giveaway - Willy Dog's GTO

Although I keep it on the downlow, I am actually McMaster Alumna. Who among us has not spent an evening lecture, waiting hungrily for the break so we could go grab a Willy Dog? Their deliciousness helped many of us last in class until 10 p.m. (and seriously, what university administrator came up with the idea of three hour lectures?).

Now Willy Dog's has opened a take-out restaurant in Westdale. The food is just as delicious as those between-lecture hot dogs - frankly, the onion curls are amazing - and they are offering so much more, including Donut Monster and bread pudding made from Donut Monster donuts!

You can find them on twitter, instagram and facebook

Thank you to Willy Dog's for sponsoring this giveaway - a $20 gift certificate for their restaurant.  Remember, you need to be local to Hamilton, Ontario to win, since you will pick up the certificate at the restaurant.


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