Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cake & Loaf Giveaway

Our 3000 followers on twitter give away continues!  This giveaway is sponsored by Cake & Loaf, the amazing Hamilton bakery.

There is so much I love about Cake & Loaf.  Obviously, their sweets and treats are amazing. Check out the Turtle Brownie! Their bread is everything a carboholic could want. (especially the Roasted Potato Garlic Rosemary, which I dip into roasted garlic vinaigrette).

Photo by Hamilton Gastronomy

Hamilton Gastronomy went to visit Cake & Loaf earlier this spring, and shared their pictures with us! We are grateful they are allowing us to use them here.  Please visit Hamilton Gastronomy on Twitter and Instagram.

Photo by Hamilton Gastronomy
You can find Cake & Loaf on twitter, facebook and instagram, and a separate insta for their cakes, as well as their newest venture, Cake & Loaf Market, in the downtown Hamilton Farmers market, which has its own twitter and instagram accounts.


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