Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Chihuly at the ROM

We were incredibly fortunate to be invited to the Royal Ontario Museum's media preview for the Chihuly exhibit. It was amazing. It truly was so beautiful that I won't say much because my words can't add anything.  Click on any picture to see it full size.

I don't have words for how beautiful this art is. As you walk from exhibit to exhibit, each piece is striking.

The only frustrating part is not being able to touch the glass. This is, of course, reasonable, but if there hadn't been any guards around...

The pieces that made up what I'm calling the undersea forest was my favourite.


The pictures above and below are a ceiling! These were taken as we were lying on the floor, reclining on the giant beanbags thoughtfully provided by the ROM

Who could blame me if I sang a verse or two from "Let It Go"?

We got engaged last January. We have done nothing to plan or prepare for a wedding, but if the ROM would let me get married under here, I'd show up tomorrow.

The reflected colour by this bowl was just stunning.

We loved this exhibit so much that we are going back to see it this weekend. This is so worth the trip into Toronto.  I think you'll be as amazed as we were.


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