Friday, December 30, 2016

Henry Brown's and The Hungry Gnome

2016 is rounding up, and I wanted to shout out a couple of my favourite #HamOnt things.
Henry Brown's Small Batch Ice Cream makes the most luscious, decadent ice cream in Hamilton. Karen, one of the co-founders, is taking the company over and is crowdfunding.  If you like local, delicious food made by someone who is passionate and talented at what she does, this is your chance to help support Henry Brown's.
On another note, one of the biggest boosters of Hamilton's food scene is leaving us for the green pastures of Calgary.  
 Chanry Thach  is one of the the first Hamilton bloggers, and she has been an incredible force pushing to support our local restaurants.  Her enthusiasm for our #HamOnt food scene is infectious. Her support for our community's delicious food has been recognized by a multitude of organizations - Hamilton Magazine, CBC Hamilton and The Spectator, to name a few.
Chanry also was one of the driving forces in bringing Hamilton's food bloggers together into a crew.  She was always available if I had a question about blogging, for a discussion about how to best present things, conversations about what should (and shouldn't) be posted.  

Calgary will be so lucky to have her (and her beloved husband, and pets) and I know she'll be back to Hamilton - she's going to miss us too much to stay away.  Until she is back, we'll keep on keeping on in her memory. In the meantime, please raise a glass (or a cone) in her honour, with thanks for what she has given our city.
(Her hand is in the middle!)


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