Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cake & Loaf Giveaway

Our 3000 followers on twitter give away continues!  This giveaway is sponsored by Cake & Loaf, the amazing Hamilton bakery.

There is so much I love about Cake & Loaf.  Obviously, their sweets and treats are amazing. Check out the Turtle Brownie! Their bread is everything a carboholic could want. (especially the Roasted Potato Garlic Rosemary, which I dip into roasted garlic vinaigrette).

Photo by Hamilton Gastronomy

Hamilton Gastronomy went to visit Cake & Loaf earlier this spring, and shared their pictures with us! We are grateful they are allowing us to use them here.  Please visit Hamilton Gastronomy on Twitter and Instagram.

Photo by Hamilton Gastronomy
You can find Cake & Loaf on twitter, facebook and instagram, and a separate insta for their cakes, as well as their newest venture, Cake & Loaf Market, in the downtown Hamilton Farmers market, which has its own twitter and instagram accounts.

Friday, June 03, 2016

The Burnt Tongue on Locke Street Giveaway!

Our 3K giveaway continues with one of our favourite restaurants in the city.  How can you possibly make soup exciting?  Well, the crew at The Burnt Tongue have it down to a science.

 Their soup is always packed with unique flavours, made from local ingredients whenever possible, and they are always ridiculously delicious.

 The soups change daily, but are always amazing.  When a soup comes up that we particularly love (hello, Hungarian chicken), we've been known to buy extra and freeze it for later enjoyment.

 Need vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free soup?  They always have you covered. You can check out their daily menus on twitter, instagram and facebook.

And these fries.  They are everything.  I love them so much.  To give you a chance to see if you love them as much as I do, The Burnt Tongue has generously donated a $20 gift certificate for the new Locke Street location of their restaurant.  You can win by entering below!